‘’I started my 90 days program with Alex in July and since than I have improved the quality of my life and I feel so much better. I learned to know myself and the way my body works and this has helped to change some negative habits. Since I started, thanks to Alex’s patience and support, I have been trying to exercise regularly and to find some time only for myself every day. This has helped me enormously! During this time I learned to recognize the foods that give me more energies and to understand when I’m really hungry. I have also learned so many little things. that I will always remember like to relax before starting my meals and to appreciate myself for the things I do during the day. I can easily say it was a life changing program and I am very grateful to have had the chance to try it.’’



‘’Aleks is a wonderful coach. Thinking I’m quite well versed in healthy living and generally see myself as healthy and fit, I must admit I was a little sceptical yet intrigued. I’m over midway through the 90 day change and Aleks has started to unlock the hardwired habits in me that I didn’t even know I had! She’s empathetic, encouraging and knowledgeable without being patronising. Aleks is wholeheartedly committed to me and expects the same in return. This alone gives me the motivation to commit to the programme, using new habits to replace old ones as a way of healthy living. And it works. I have maintained my weight, yet I eat more. I have more energy and time. Aleks goes at my pace, personalises the sessions and has a real desire to help me to succeed.  Though I don’t practice everything all the time, I am much more mindful of my eating habits and have completely changed my attitude to losing weight. I can’t wait to see what the next sessions will reveal, and look forward to my weekly calls.’’



”I completed my 90 day habit change challenge with Aleks as my coach, and am feeling confident now to go it alone (though she’s always available should I need her).
I’d recently had a few health issues that come with age, and realised I needed to make some changes. I could do the quick fix detoxes but went right back to my old ways afterwards. Like all of us, I lead a busy life, so convenience played a large part in food and exercise was crossed off the to do list. I just didn’t have the will or time to make those changes and to maintain them.

Aleks changed my way of thinking. In small steps, tailored to me, she introduced healthier lifestyle changes that were so easy. With Aleks by my side, I had someone to motivate me and I looked forward to our weekly sessions. I lost weight (though that wasn’t my main goal) and have maintained it. I am more mindful of the choices I’m making. She even helped me to kick start a career goal. Aleks is patient, intuitive, motivating and inspiring.

Thank you for being an amazing coach and I wish you every success.”

Vicky H.