Imagine this:

You learnt how to feed your body and mind in a fun and easy way. You begin clean and lean life style and as a result you got a clean and lean body. You feel better than you have in years, and you glow from the inside out.

Just stop now, there is a good news! You don’t have to just imagine it. I have put together this Easy Detox program to answer all of your burning questions about how and what you should actually be eating to get clean and lean body

This is the beginning of a new life style you may want to stick to after this program.

Let me tell you, the body can never be lean unless it is clean! Toxins stop a body from becoming truly clean. That’s because your body stores toxins in the fat cells. If you are dieting, but toxic, your body will slowly lose fat, but these toxins will have nowhere to go so they stay in your system. In the result you will feel tired, you will feel headaches and you will struggle with your energy. This is why most of us feel rotten within a few days of starting a diet. Your body doesn’t like to feel that way, so it decides to hold on to fat and toxins within the fat. So if you are toxic, you will always find it hard to lose weight. On the top of this, ironically, many diets make us more toxic with all low-fat/high-sugar foods. And so the cycle of yo-yo dieting continues.

This is why it is so important to start with detoxing your body first. This 7 Days EasyDetox program is a very gentle cleansing plan which can be followed for more than a week. In fact, you can get better results by following it for 2-3 weeks, after which you can begin a new, clean and lean life style by sticking to clean foods – meaning toxin free foods that are unprocessed and close to their natural state. By doing so you will be able to lose weight and most importantly you will be able to keep it off for good.

No more diet labels.
No more guilt.

Easy Detox will help you navigate clean eating no matter your mood or dietary desires

One of the most important facts about that program is that there are no calorie counting or hundreds of sit-ups.
This program focuses on recipes that are suitable to facilitate liver health, liver function, detoxification and biotrasformattion.
By simple following my recommendation every day, you will detox your body from toxins and get it ready for clean diet which will lead you to get lean body you always dreamed of.
This is not a one-and-done diet. This is an easy-to-implement lifestyle that will serve you for years to come.

"I was unsure that the online format would work but I LOVED it. I really enjoyed the flexibility. After the program I’m 10 pounds lighter, sleep better and feel better. Amazing"



Easy Detox Program is an excellent start for your clean and lean body

Rewire How You Think About Your Body in Just One Week

Many people participate in cleanse programs to eliminate body toxins they have accumulated over their lifetime. But there is a most important aspect they ignore—the health and vigour of their minds. Easy Detox program includes both aspects: Detoxing your mind is as much important as detoxing your body.

In just one week you will clean your mind from the false and limiting beliefs and thoughts that disrupt your live and your relationships. You will learn to develop a mastery of your thinking, enabling you to achieve the changes you’re seeking. By detoxing your mind you become free to navigate the life you choose.

To participate in this program, you’ll only need the Internet and the desire for change.

What you get:


  • Detox plan for every day in your mailbox
  • Real food meal plans, optimized not only to keep you full and satisfied, but also to minimize your time in the kitchen and your grocery store bill
  • Cleanse enhancing activities for every day
  • A sample Daily Schedule
  • A sample Journal
  • Links to video clips that will help you to maximise your results
  • Recommendations on pre-detox phase
  • Shopping list
  • Closed Facebook group for support
  • Recommendations on re-introduction phase

Easy Detox Program is put together with actionable tips so you can enjoy your new healthy lifestyle

Think of this program as all of the one-on-one health coaching that you and I would do
Wrapped up into one convenient (and MUCH less expensive!) online course

What happy clients say:

This program is life transforming. I used to be hungry all the time to the point I would get hangry, shaky, and couldn’t think. I no longer experience that. I’ve started to think about my body and food differently, and no longer have any desire for things I used to love to eat but aren’t good for me. My digestion and skin are both better, too. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself


This program has renewed my commitment to my own health and well-being. Aside from losing some weight, I feel more energetic, my mood is better, my skin is clearer, and I’m more confident


My stomach is flatter, my digestion is more regular, and overall, I have a more positive attitude surrounding food. Surprisingly, the most positive change I experienced was more self love and less self hate…I realized when I looked at my engagement photos, it was the first time in a long time I didn’t have anything negative to say about myself. That in and of itself is worth taking the program, although a smaller pant size doesn’t hurt either.


Aleksandra’s Easy Detox program just makes sense. The information she shares is easy to understand, well organized and full of practical, real-life, doable suggestions. Her passion for health shines through everything she teaches. As a health coach, I encourage all my clients to sign up not only for this Fun Detox program


I generally lead a healthy lifestyle but had been feeling like I had lost my way over the last year or two. I really needed to regroup and get to a point of starting over. There is so much detox and diet information on the internet I was beginning to feel information overload but Easy Detox Program compiles the basics of body and mind cleaning into an easy to navigate plan.


Frequently Asked Questions


To participate in our online program, you only need the Internet and the desire for change. Our detailed guide will be your assistant on the road to renewal and reincarnation.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

Most cleanse participants will shed some excess weight when they avoid processed sugar, gluten, dairy and other food irritants.

What if I get hungry?

This is not a fasting cleanse so you should not feel hungry. In fact, most participants are surprised that they feel even more nourished and satisfied than they normally do on a regular diet. If you do feel hungry, it could be that you are withdrawing from sugar addiction. This is normal and will pass in a few days. We would recommend drinking more water

Can I exercise during the cleanse?

Yes, in fact, regular exercise is recommended. However, do pay attention to your body’s signals to rest or conserve energy and choose light or vigorous activities accordingly.

I’m withdrawing from caffeine and have terrible headaches, help!

Withdrawal headaches are often caused by dehydration. Drink a ton of water, more than you might think is already a lot, get ample rest, and book a massage (focus on your neck and jaw).

Am I going to be able to function normally at work?

In a well-designed cleanse program such as this one, you will not feel like crap, but you will likely experience some symptoms. After all, you are detoxing!
Symptoms may include: increased body odour, bad breath, fatigue, headaches, irritability, chilliness, dry lips and skin (dehydration!), constipation or increased mucous discharge. If you are experiencing strong, unpleasant symptoms, it may be an indication that your tissues are releasing toxins faster than your eliminating organs can excrete them

How much water should I be drinking?

Probably more than you’re used to! Water helps flush toxins out of your system so you want to drink a lot. Fill up  a jar with two litres of water in the morning. You are much more likely to drink water if it’s there in front of you. Drink more water if you exercise regularly or are very active

* The Easy Detox Program, Your Habit Change Coach is created with an educational purpose and provides information on nutrition and lifestyle. Applying the principles described, participants are responsible for their own health. In the presence of any diseases it is recommended to consult a doctor.

If you still have questions, please contact us.



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