Hi, I’m Aleksandra Wolinska,

Your Habit Change Coach.



I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach helping busy women, especially busy mums, to break the old habits and old ways of thinking so they can gain more energy, lose unwanted weight and fall in love with who they are.


Are you a women that struggles with changing unhealthy old habits and want to gain more energy, lose weight and fall in love with yourself?


Have you tried every diet on the planet and none seem to work or give lasting results?



I did! So I know how you feel! Read my story.


I was always passionate about healthy eating for great energy, great look and a great feeling about myself and others. However, the life has to lead me a different direction. I kept exploring my purpose during my twenties and thirties. From getting a degree in chemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow to working in sales at import/export company in Central London, my passion finally landed me in the perfect fit as a Certified Health Coach.


You get fuller by feeding others. The more you give, the more nourished you and everyone around you will feel.


At my teens and twenties, I was always in a great shape and I’ve never experienced any weight gain or low energy due to healthy eating and exercising. However, big city lifestyle and becoming mum has changed everything. In my thirties, I have started seeing some weight fluctuations and lack of energy, at the same time I was still healthy eater and I was exercising regularly. After having my first child I realized that I moved my personal needs aside and priorities my family needs. Things got even worse after having the second son. I dedicated everything to my little boys, sacrificed all my dreams and I was secretly unhappy about that. This led me to even more weight fluctuations, feeling unhappy and at the same time feeling guilty for having such feelings. I had experienced low mood and low energy. To improve my look I started dieting and limiting myself to so-called ‘bad foods’ and desserts. I felt in control and happy at these times, but whenever I couldn’t keep up with my diet and ate ‘bad foods’ I felt anxious and out of control. I immediately gain weight which put me in a low mood and I punished myself with a new diet plan and exercising regime. I couldn’t understand why this all is happening to me. In my understanding, I was having a good life and I was feeding myself and my family with healthy foods.

Luckily, I found the Health Coach Institute, through a friend, and I instantly became curious. It seemed like a great opportunity to change my life and the lives of people around me. I decided to take that lead.

I started a course Become Health Coach at HCI and I my life started to change.

During my course and early practice I learned ways of shifting negative beliefs, I stopped dieting and started enjoying every kind of food. I learned how to find a new way of exercising – the way I truly enjoy. I started enjoying my life, my family, my interest. I learned how to appreciate people and nature around me, how to prioritize my personal need and how my family would benefit from it.

This new way of thinking let me fulfill my life and get certificated as a Holistic Health Coach.



Change happens by the little choices we make in each moment.

Today, based on my life story, I’m able to help women, especially busy mums, to create a healthy lifestyle for them and their families without sacrificing their interests and personality. I help them to lose unwanted weight in an enjoyable way, gain the energy they need for themselves and their kids. I help to create more time that they can use for exploring their own interests.


I’ll be your guide on the side as you explore new ways of thinking, eating, and being that will nourish your growth and life’s purpose. I will teach you the metabolic benefits of relaxation, awareness, pleasure, rhythm and quality. We’ll use health as a vehicle to get you to your life goals.


I’ll use my knowledge of different dietary and nutrition theories to help you navigate through confusing health information and fad diets in the media. I’ll teach you to listen to what’s best for your body and mind by trusting your intuitive guidance. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and by working with me you’ll learn tips and tricks to make healthy lifestyle changes that will last you for the rest of your life. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to live well!


On my free time, you’ll find me taking photos, reading health-related books, writing my blog, exercising or cooking and exploring new recipes.

Explore my website and blog to learn more about my adventures with positive lifestyle and using food as medicine for the mind, body, and soul.

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